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WENDLA takes off

WENDLA takes off

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The world needs more raspberry ice cream!

The world of the lively Wendla is in turmoil. Suddenly nothing is as it was. First, dental assistant Uwe sneaks into mom's life, then her dad also has a girlfriend. Everyone except Wendla knows mom is expecting a baby. Wendla's feelings are on a roller coaster and things aren't exactly going well at school either. She decides to run away. Nobody loves her anymore anyway...

Luckily there's Jules grandpa, giant galactic raspberries and Wendla's beloved snuggle...

Topic: separation/divorce

product information

  • A5, high
  • 128 pages
  • large, easy-to-read font
  • short chapters
  • b/w illustrations
  • for children from 6 years
  • sustainably printed in Germany
  • FSC certified recycled paper BLUE ANGEL
  • hardcover
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