About Us

As an independent, innovative and future-oriented young company based in the Aachen city region, Jacobs Children's Book develops modern children's books, teaching materials for primary and special schools as well as creative items for left- and right-handed people. 

Our products are designed, produced and sold in Germany. 

They are sustainable and consist exclusively of natural and certified recycled papers. 

But how do the products actually come about here?

Babett Jacobs

First of all, there is the author. The thoughts swirl around in his head until he lets the pen dance on the paper and tablet.

Julia Gerigk

But the story only becomes a picture book after the illustrator has kissed the characters awake - almost like the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

Billy Bock

To ensure that no letter is out of line and that all the lines on the FOXi writing blocks are nice and straight, the graphic designer puts everything in the right place.

In our in-house online shop we offer an attractive range, an environmentally friendly packaging concept and individual personalization for companies and institutions. 

We also develop special children's book products at your request. 

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