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If Wilma didn't already exist, it would have to be invented!

Every day she experiences something new and exciting...

Among other things, you will learn outrageous things about the cigar-smoking Mrs. Cucumber from the ground floor, who doesn't like children.

A little about Mr. Bommel and his shaggy dog ​​Dingo.

Wilma's friend Emma, ​​who likes to eat sugar and mustard sandwiches and about Laura, who cuts Wilma's hair the right way two weeks before school starts...

No wonder Wilma's mother has to reach into the candy tin every now and then to calm her nerves...

But the funniest things always happen to the Wilma!

product information

  • A5, high
  • 108 pages
  • large, easy-to-read font
  • short chapters
  • colored illustrations
  • for children from 6 years
  • sustainably printed in Germany
  • FSC certified recycled paper BLUE ANGEL
  • Paperback
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